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Lyndy Thatcher is among the most senior real estate professionals on Bermuda where she specializes in the sale of luxury properties within both the local and international markets. She counts among her many honors being voted top salesperson of the year by Rego Sotheby and has worked diligently with this company to help make it one of the most successful in the group. With two decades of experience, award winning real estate agent Lyndy Thatcher is a widely admired fixture in the business community. “Everyone knows Lyndy,” say locals and clients alike. Recognized for her commitment to her clients and to her profession, Lyndy has successfully served the needs of both her international and local clientele for over twenty years. “I believe in old fashion service and in working hard for my clients,” Lyndy says. And her in-depth knowledge of the island, its people and its real estate opportunities imminently qualifies her to identify and present the best possible properties to suit any client’s need. Lyndy’s expertise in overseas purchases allows her to smoothly guide her clients through the complicated legal process of international buying. Her exposure to a wide range of potential buyers allows her to offer a varied pool that successfully serves the needs of local sellers as well. An active sports enthusiast Lyndy can assure like minded clients about the Bermuda lifestyle as well as its real estate. Whether they like fishing, boating, tennis or golf she can cater their purchase to ensure that all her clients interests are satisfied. Her list of contacts is endless and first rate so that adjusting to life on the island is stress free whether it is finding the best school to the most reliable taxi service. For Lyndy the job is not limited to a property transaction which is completed when the papers are passed. She is an agent of change for each buyer and seller as well and as such remains as a touchstone for those who choose to settle here. Prior to her real estate career, U.S. born Lyndy was a flight attendant for many years. That international experience was invaluable as a source of information about how people live all over the world and what they want in their own homes. Although Lyndy could have lived anywhere she chose Bermuda after traveling here for ten years while she flew for TWA. There is no better advertisement for the benefits of Bermuda living than that. “That personal decision has always been a plus for me professionally,” says Lyndy. “I had visited so many places when I was flying, and could have probably chosen anywhere to live, but Bermuda had everything anyone could ever want.” Lyndy is also one of the island’s most popular and welcoming hostesses and most of her clients also become her friends. She has a vast historical knowledge of the island’s many beautiful properties having visited most of them herself either as a professional or as a guest. That personal inventory of data only adds to her ability to help her clients achieve the utmost success whether buying or selling properties on the most beautiful island in the word.
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Lyndy Thatcher

  • Global Real Estate Advisor
83-85 Front Street
Hamilton, HM AX Bermuda