Island Homes Marked by History – A feature from our Affiliate at Malta SIR

Upon a first glance into Bermuda’s history, it is immediately evident that the country’s story was shaped by its island status and foreign rulers who set foot on its shores and chose to make it their home. Bermuda’s story started when the Spanish explorer Juan de Bermudez discovered the isles in 1503, continued with the arrival of the British and the significant events that took place thereafter and continues today with the island’s remarkable lifestyle offering. Although situated many miles away and in a completely different region of the world, the small Mediterranean island of Malta is similar to Bermuda […]

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Real Estate Advice: Written by Margaret Young (

I imagine many of you have been enjoying your large homes but holding your breath hoping that the time would come again when you could downsize but not downgrade and have some additional money with which to enjoy your retirement. A few years ago, maybe 9 or 10, many of my transactions were selling homes ranging between 2m. and 3m. to young upwardly mobile families. These sellers would then find a nice townhouse or condo in a good location for say 1m. or 1.5m. Then just in a flash all that stopped – there weren’t so many young upwardly mobile […]

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